Bird Seed Feeding Made Easy

Many serious garden bird watchers are very choosy about the seeds they feed to the birds in the garden, and some seeds are even formulated to attract specific types of bird.

We should feed our garden birds all year round, even though popular belief is they should be fed only in the winter. In the spring and summer we enter into breeding season, which is followed in the autumn by flocks of hungry migrating birds arriving from long journeys. In the winter they need the extra energy to keep warm. Caring for your garden birds really is a year round project!

If you’re really into your garden birds, these little trade secrets might just help you to attract even more birds to your garden…

Large Seed = Large Birds

Many cheap seed mixes contain wheat and barley grains, split peas, beans, dried rice and lentils. These ingredients are very popular with huge flappers such as doves, pigeons and pheasants, and all of these birds have a habit of taking over the garden. Smaller birds such as robins, tits, sparrows, finches and other small garden visitors will give your garden a rather wide berth!

Manky Old Peanuts

Cheaper brands of peanuts can be high in a natural toxin called Alfatoxin (caused by a rather yucky fungus) that can make your favourite birds extremely unwell… or fall off their branch completely. Great & Small peanuts are guaranteed free from Alfatoxins.


Good brands of bird seed formulate their mixes for specific types of bird. Brands that contain the larger seeds and pulses that attract the larger types of bird are unpopular with the smaller garden variety because they can’t pick up the larger bits. This means leftovers can germinate in your garden and give you more gardening to do!

Great & Small have a selection of purpose made seed mixes to help you attract the birds you want while offering them a great quality and nutritious diet.

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High Energy No Mess Seed
Luxury Wild Bird Seed
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