Antler Chews and Gnaws for Dogs

Staglers Antlers

What are Antler Chews?

Antlers are an unusual chew for dogs and make a fun natural alternative to bones. They’re naturally shed from wild deer every year (no deer were harmed in the making of these antlers), and then gathered from the forest floor. It’s the ultimate in natural recycling; no waste and everything goes to good use.

We recommend: Antos Antlers.

Why are they good chews?

Antlers are long lasting chews. They  wear away when chewed and antlers don’t splinter (as readily as bones), which makes them a much safer option for your pooch.

  • 100% natural dog chew
  • Natural Teeth Cleaning
  • Sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly
  • Non splinter
  • No-smell, non-sticky

Antlers are available in five sizes (small, medium, large, extra large and… jumbo!) also are also available in “Lazy Dog” style; cut in half long-ways for the more laid back dog to get at the bit in the middle without breaking a sweat.

For an added bonus, try storing your antler in your dog’s dry feed bin to make it taste and smell amazing.


Please note: Caution should be taken with Antlers as they are not suitable for powerful chewers or those with dental issues.

At Pets Corner we understand the importance of matching chews, bones and antlers to age and dental ability of each pet. We have a range of split antlers for puppies and older dogs which are much easier to chew and we would never recommend antlers to dogs with poor teeth or to strong/powerful chewers.