An insight into the Furminator

Whilst we love the warmth and the sunshine gracing our back gardens once again, I know that we all share that dreaded sight of fur clogging up our homes from our loving pets. Shedding is a natural process, so unfortunately it can’t be stopped, but using a Furminator will reduce it by up to 90%.

Generally spring and autumn are the seasons when shedding is at its most. Did you know that dogs take their cues from the sun? Spring brings in more daylight which causes their bodies to prepare for a new seasons coat. The Furminator is designed to reach beneath the top coat (without cutting) and remove the dead undercoat. In the summer, cats tend to groom less which, of course, then causes more shedding than in the winter months. When they ingest the hair during grooming, hairballs can then be caused. Furminator removes the loose hair from cats’ fur, which rids the cat of the hairballs and then in turn helps with digestion and constipation.

I do honestly adore my Furminator, having a white labrador can be a fur problem but it’s great to use all year round.I can put all the dead fur straight into the bin rather than trying to get it off my sofa, it doesn’t alter the appearance nor the texture of the top coat and reduces shedding better than any brush, comb or rake whilst leaving a healthy shiny coat.

Every store has a demonstration Furminator on hand, ready to show you how great this product works on your pet. Just take him or her in and ask for a preview! There is a Furminator for Small Animals, Cats, Toy Breeds, Small Breeds, Medium Breeds and Large Breeds. The super model dog, Rosie, is my labrador, and that’s after a few minutes of brushing. The other picture is in store on a Customer’s Collie. Brilliant stuff.

We recommend: Furminator.