3 Ways To Slash Your Feed Bills

Are you suffering from high feed bills? Do you feel as though it just seems to get more and more expensive to feed your pet? I went through these questions with Dexter. Being a rather large Shetland Labrador Pony, he needs rather large bags of feed, and unfortunately, I don’t have a rather large bank balance to go with it. On the other hand, when I started working for Pets Corner as a Sales Advisor, I learned some surprisingly simple tips that have saved me some money without being a Scrooge on quality. Here are my 3 favourite tips for slashing your feed bills.

1. Feed a "complete" dry feed

If your dry feed is “complete” you can view your wet feed as a “garnish” rather than an essential part of the meal. When a feed is labelled as “complete” it means it meets the correct nutritional requirements to provide the sole source of nutrition for your cat or dog.

In fact, instead of using a wet feed to compliment your “complete” dry feed, you could add warm water or some brands, such as More, Symply and Canagan, can be microwaved (10 seconds on “high” – not in a metal dish!) to bring out the natural smells and oils. If your pet is fed mainly on a wet feed, you could consider changing completely to a “complete” dry feed – the savings can be enormous.

For example:

Based on a 12.5kg dog…

  • Tesco’s own wet feed (100g) = £419.75 per year*
  • More Adult Dog (12kg) = £196.44 per year*

a potential £223.31 saving!

Based on a 4kg cat…

  • Sainsbury’s own wet feed (100g) = £240.90 per year*
  • More Adult Cat (2kg) = £142.74 per year*

a potential £98.16 saving!

* Feeding according to manufacturers guidelines. Prices correct as of 9-10-11

2. Weigh your pet

Do you actually know what your pet weighs? Pop your cat or dog down to Pets Corner (click to find your nearest store) and we can weigh your pet for you – for free! Feeding guidelines on bags of dry feed can sometimes be a little generous, so by weighing your pet and talking to our trained staff you can identify how much you should be feeding, and in many cases, reduce down your portions slightly.

3. Buy larger bags

Larger bags are often better value for money. For example: – 6 x 2kg bags (total 12kg) of More Adult Dog cost £59.94 – that’s £9.99 per bag. – One 12kg bag of More Adult Dog costs just £39.99 – saving you £19.95. If you can store it, bigger really does mean better (value)!